Auto Spa

Auto Spa

A day at the Auto Spa

Driven's Auto Spa is a professional Luxury Auto Detailing Service based in Farmington Minnesota.

Want something different than a wash at the gas station?  Have you ever treated yourself, to that new car feeling car detail?  We at Driven have a primary focus on all automobiles Luxury or Casual, we care for each vehicle as if it was our own.  We have a highly educated, certified & experienced team where providing quality and a luxurious experience is our objective.  We competitively price all our services and packages to be affordable while keeping quality in mind.  

We offer several auto spa packages and services, each one provides quality service for your vehicle.

We Service All Types of Vehicles:

  • Cars

  • Motorcycles

  • Boats

  • Waverunners and Jet Skis

  • Wrapped Vehicles

  • Anything you really need detailed or cleaned